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Dreamlords is a unique online game that combines elements
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Lockpick Entertainment

Dreamlords: The Reawakening is a Massive Multi-Player Online game from Lockpick Entertainment. It is true that a game like Dreamlords has not been seen before. It combines Turn-based and Real-Time strategy with online games. How does this work? You have a browser client in which you macro-manage everything, your cities, resources, politics, etc. Then you have the RTS client, that is only used for battles which you can control in real time. In a way, it is like Total War, in which you can turn-base your macro-management but fight battles in real time. The combination is amazing, there is no game like this certainly.

The downside is that the game has a really steep learning curve: the number Tutorial missions only is close to 100. If you have the patience to sit through this, then you will still have something to learn online. The nice thing is that this is one of those games you can stop playing for a couple of days and still remain competitive. It also allows you to choose the group of players you want to fight against, of matching skills and wits.

The turn-based mode has a lot of depth, though some may find themselves boggled with all they have to control from this view. While the RTS client features nice graphics and effects, it also has some crooked camera angles. All these small things aside, once you practice the game enough, which means for a long time, it becomes a truly great strategy experience. Though some gamers may find the learning curve too steep, real, hardcore strategy aficionados will definitely see the beauty of this game.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Stable online client
  • Excellent strategy game


  • Steep learning curve
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